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We believe the quality and nature of a child’s early experiences in life lay the foundation of a successful and a happy life.
At Smarten School, we cherish our role to deliver joyful, holistic, child-centric and developmentally appropriate learning experiences at this critical stage of a child’s life. Our approach is based upon three pillars: quality education, quality teachers and partnership with parents and the community.
Children come to us in their formative years when their minds are highly receptive and active. The knowledge given to them between the age of 0 and 5 stays with them for life and forms the basis for future education. Having recognised the importance of pre-school education and the redundancy of rote learning in today’s scenario, we have developed our curriculum to create thinkers who can analyze and apply their knowledge to real-life, problem-solving situations.
We see children as active protagonists in their own learning. Moving away from the traditional outlook of seeing children as blank slates to individuals full of great potential helps us in structuring our programmes.

Our teachers are facilitators who work in partnership with the children to develop explorations and extend thinking through careful observation, documentation, thoughtful questions and deep reflections. They have been trained by a team of world class pedagogists to ensure that children receive the best global early childhood education.
Parents and the community at large play an important part in the learning process and we work in collaboration with them to best achieve the optimal development of a child.
We started Smarten School with a vision of providing a strong education base that would create creative thinkers, responsible global citizens and life-long learners. We can proudly say that, we have continued to provide our children with a nurturing environment that promotes behavioral, emotional, and educational health.

Mrs. Sangeeta Ruhail

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