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“No child left behind, Every child matters” is our motto!

We believe that all children must receive a high quality of education despite their distinctions or differences. Our mission is to develop exceptional students from all background and provide them an all-round education built on foundation of compassion, service, respect, adventure, sports, creativity, and academics. Our purpose of schooling is to teach values, develop stimulated intellect, understand tolerance for disagreeable belief systems, dig out opportunities to question what exists, and contribute to the growth of society & nation.
While we foster a climate of academic ambition the aim of management and staff of the school is to create an atmosphere of trust and good communication where, students, staff and parents work together as a community. It really requires greater accountability from each one of us to contrivance our motto of inclusive learning.

We ensure to all our parents and Smarten fraternity about our commitment to take Smarten School to its rightful position, among the top Delhi schools. The recent class 10th result was the testimony of commitment where our students scored exceptionally well.
As the Principal of Smarten School our priorities would be safety and security of every child in a healthy learning environment and provide academic excellence.
We look forward to shape the most exciting and challenging phase of your child’s educational development with your support! Best wishes!

Ms. Sarika Kumar
(M.Sc, M.Ed, NET)

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