Notification for Parents

Dear Parents,
You are requested to go through the following points:

  1. First and foremost Smarten School would like to apprise that, school is not plying any kind of transport for students (neither any Van nor any bus).
  2. All those parents opting private transport under their own arrangement are requested to kindly note the following for the safety purpose:
    1. Kindly check and know the identity of the driver and helper of the transport hired by you.
    2. Kindly confirm the pick and drop off point of your ward with the transporter hired by you.
    3. Kindly ensure that your ward is not left unattended at pick and drop off point.
    4. Please ensure that you are available 5 minutes prior to arrival of your ward’s transport at pick and drop off point.
    5. Please ensure and instruct your transporter that your ward does not have to cross any road unattended.
    6. Please ensure that your ward is wearing a mask, carrying a small sanitizer and water bottle for appropriate hydration.

With warm regards,
Smarten School

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